Manolis Xatziemmanouil

I am a Web Developer with expertise in developing online applications based on PHP. I really love my job and I enjoy having something new to learn every day, new toys that will make my work more fantastic.

Why me?

Big Picture Thinker

I don't just follow instructions; I aim to understand the full picture. It's like sketching a square, not just four lines. By grasping the project's broader vision, my contributions naturally enhance the entire canvas.

Problem with Suggestions

Count on me not just to highlight the problem, but to bring forward practical suggestions for resolution.

Easy to find

I ensure that you can count on my presence when it matters, without the need for a search party.

Self Improvement

Committed to perpetual improvement, I tailor my learning to meet specific company needs, even delving into custom practices unique to the organization.


Degree in Automation Engineering

ΤΕΙ (Τechnological Εducational Ιnstitution) of Automated Systems

The purpose of this faculty is to provide a comprehensive education in both the theory and practice of automatic control systems. It encompasses a diverse range of subjects, including electrical engineering, electronics, programming languages such as C++, assembly, and ladder logic, CNC technology, robotics, and optimization theory for automated systems. The aim is to provide students with a well-rounded understanding of the various disciplines required for the design and implementation of automatic control systems, such as in factory production chains.

Certificate of Competency in English (Proficiency C2), University of Michigan

Foreign Language English

Cannot help but have a good knowledge of English, as everything Ι need to know about programming (tutorials, articles) is always in English.

Certificate of Competency in German (B2), University of Austria

Foreign Language German

I undertook the challenge of learning the German language, to some extent at least, due to my extensive work on German projects.


2012 - Current

Freelancer Web Developer

I have a broad range of experience in web development, having created both simple websites and complex web applications. I am familiar with the full project lifecycle, having participated in projects from the initial stages of planning through to deployment. Whether working as part of a team following set instructions or leading a team and delegating tasks based on individual strengths, I have a proven ability to deliver results.

2014 - Current
Senior PHP Developer

Professional Consulting

ProCon was founded in 2013 and has established itself rapidly as a Newshore-Partner of a large German company, Interactive Data, which later (at 2017) was bought by FactSet. My cooperation with the company is about joining a team, implementing or maintaining projects.

August 2013 - March 2014
PHP Developer and Assistant Manager

European Infosystems

The company operated in NSRF (Digi Retail, Digi Lodge, Digi Content), making subsidized websites based on company's custom platforms. My own responsibility was to upgrade and improve the platform vCart -which was responsible for the implementation of eshops- and later I trained and managed a team that had to build customers' websites using the upgraded version of the platform.

November 2012 - May 2013
Internship - Support and Developer

Honest Partners

I did my internship at Honest Partners, offering engineering support in websites and in company's platforms.

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